Event Calendar for Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Event Calendar

Join us for our Livestream Worship


Our Prayer Meeting is virtual on Zoom

Request a Zoom Link

Starting on September 11, 2022 Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church will begin a new (and improved) sermon series on worship called “White Flag: The Power of Surrender”
We’d love for you to experience the revelation and response of a surrendered life. Please invite others to join you as we discover together what our worship culture at Bethany is.

Day Trip October 29, 2022

…to a John Deere museum in Arthur On. Contact Pastor Kyle who will arrange for a carpool. The men will meet at the address (8533 Concession 4 South).

Blurry Daydream – by Anthony Does


Pastor Anthony wrote Blurry Daydream; When Faith Feels Like Make Believe.  This could be just the gift that your loved one needs.  They are $20 each and available at the church office.  Bulk pricing is also available.