Event Calendar for Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Event Calendar

Join us for our Livestream Worship

Our Prayer Meeting is virtual on Zoom

Bethany Church will be joining together to walk the “Road of Advent” this Christmas season. Presented to us in the context of their history and in the fullness of their humanity, Shawn invites the reader to participate in the discovery of the Messiah through the lens of those whose lives intersected so dramatically with the great unveiling.

Via Advent is now available for purchase from the Office. Each book is $5. The books will also be available after church on Sundays as well. Plan to purchase one, so you can participate in our church wide Advent study this year.

Blurry Daydream – by Anthony Does


Looking for Christmas gifts?  Pastor Anthony wrote Blurry Daydream; When Faith Feels Like Make Believe.  This could be just the gift that your loved one needs.  They are $20 each and available at the church office.  Bulk pricing is also available.