Morning Prayer - Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

I was reading this morning from Psalm 89.  I familiar Psalm.  And I was amazed again how even reading over the familiar can yield fresh encouragement for the day.

Psalm 89:20-21 NLT – I have found my servant David.  I have anointed him with my holy oil.  I will steady him with my hand, and with my powerful arm I will make him strong.

It reminds me that I am known by God.  He knows me.  He knows what is ahead of me today.  As I get up out of bed.  As I go to work.  As I finish the day at home.

He has anointed me.  Not because I am a pastor.  Not because of what I do.  But because I am a child of God.  His Spirit lives in me.

And it is His Spirit who will steady me as if it was God’s hand itself as I walk through my day – wherever I go and whatever I do.  And I walk today in God’s power because of His Spirit of power, love and self-discipline at work in me.

As we remember that we are known by God, anointed by God and His Spirit of power steadies us this morning…may our prayer today be to be filled to overflowing with God’s Spirit of power to fulfill all He leads each one of us into today – at work, at home, at school, at the parent meetings and volunteer opportunities – everywhere!

~ Mark

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