Worship At Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Here at Bethany, our vision is to lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this in the Worship & Arts Department by gathering together for corporate worship, growing in our faith together and giving of our talents and musical gifts.

There are many areas in the worship
ministry in which you can serve.

Worship Band:

Skilled musicians who have the ability to flow with the team, and who play for the 10:00 AM Sunday service. Individuals are encouraged to participate in seminars and training opportunities that arise, as well as practice on their own time. We rehearse with the vocal and tech teams at 8:30 Sunday morning.


Vocal teams:

Vocalists who are worshippers at heart, but also have the ability to blend with the team; they must have a good ear for harmony.
Solo/Duet/Trio and other musical groups.


Sound Technician:

Sound techs operate the sound system for church services, special events and productions. Partners with the music team to run services without distractions.


Lighting Technician:

Operators run the lighting controls during a service, special events and productions.


Video Projection:

Operators run the computer and video projection system during each service and during special events for announcements, displaying pastors’ sermons, songs, choruses, and videos.



The Parable Players ministry includes play writing, small dramas done in services, full-scale theatrical productions involving stage make-up, hair-styling, dance, acting, stage crew, etc…