Women of Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Women of Bethany

Our Structure

Women of Bethany – Leadership Team
Darlene Snider ~ Joyce Stewart
Andrea Tompkins ~ Debi Snider
Shirley Forde ~ Aileen Wittich
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Women’s Ministry Executive for 2019
Gillian Bechtloff, Marie Cressman, Elaine Good, Marion Houlding, Cheryl
Jewitt, Margaret Rohm, Cheryl Speers and Judy Sutherland.

Upcoming Events – 2019

Women of Bethany

Women’s Ministries Meetings: 7:30 in the Bethany Room

June 18th @ 7:30 in the Bethany Room. Focus will be on Rod and Gloria Brubacher’s missionary service in Guatemala.

Rod’s parents Floyd and Martha and Carl and Jillian Jenkins will share about their recent work team experiences.

All ladies are invited.

Ladies Night Out
Watch for more information soon

One Ministry

Several Opportunities