Lead Pastor Search - Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Lead Pastor Search


Profile Document Download is at the Bottom of This Page



Bethany has just gone through a year of extensive self-evaluation and adjustment to our attitudes & priorities. That process isn’t finished yet and we’re seeking a lead pastor who can assist us in continuing to move ahead and who will help us turn our intentions into actions- doing so with both passion & gentleness.


  • Potential Candidates – Please review all the documents below and prayerfully consider if you might be the one called to join us in ministry. We have attempted to be as transparent as possible at this stage and will continue to be so throughout our search process. In turn, we ask that you be open to us with your questions, your concerns, your life, and your dreams. Together we will seek God’s will. We are sorry that we can only consider candidates who will not require a lengthy process to receive permission to live and work in Canada.


  • Friends – You may know of those suitable for the Lead Pastor position at Bethany. Please pray about this, and if so led, let them know of this page as soon as possible. We hope to move ahead swiftly.


Our Reference Documents

  1. Pastoral Ministry Profile: Prepared from our internal research, this is a brief profile where we’ve come from and of what we believe our future Lead Pastor should be like. This profile is not set in stone, but it does represent our current understandings.
  2. Pastoral Role Profile: Here is the job description- written in a contemporary format and expressing the fact that we do not have all things ‘nailed down’ yet.
  3. Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada Materials

Please review the website – https://www.emcc.ca/. Note especially the following page and its links – https://www.emcc.ca/who-we-are/our-beliefs/.


The Search Process

Beginning from the initial posting date of our materials (July 26, 2019) we will:

  1. Acknowledge all applications shortly after receipt,
  2. Generally review and rank applications every two weeks (from July 26) and then respond to applicants,
  3. Continue receiving applications until we believe that God wishes us to suspend or end the process as we enter into negotiations with selected individuals. A notice will be placed on this page.


How to Apply

Please email your application to: bethanyemcsearchteam@gmail.com. Include:

  • A cover letter that includes a brief explanation of your reasons for applying,
  • A detailed resume,
  • A list of 2-3 preliminary references (these do not need to be from your current church).



Profile Download

Listed below is a profile library for the Lead Pastor Search.

Click on the button to read the policy or to save to your computer.



Pastoral Ministry Profile
Pastoral Role Profile