Breakfast Club Snack Prep Team - Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Breakfast Club Snack Prep Team

Breakfast Club Snack Prep Team

Almost one year ago our Ministry Council announced to the congregation that after much discussion and prayer, they had made the leadership decision to bring a close to how we had been running our Breakfast Club with Suddaby School. For 22 years we offered a full breakfast meal 5 days a week to 25-35 children (sometimes up to 40 children) each day in our gym.  But it was time for a change.

In June 2014, we turned the program over to the school but indicated we were willing & eager to continue working with Sudabby school and Nutrition for Learning to provide food for the children in a capacity that was more within our abilities.

So, beginning in September 2014, we began a new phase of our partnership with Sudabby School.  Headed by Susan Bowey, along with Judy Golds who is our staff liaison with the school, we have a group of volunteers that meet every Tuesday to pack snacks for the students at Sudabby School.

Between 18-20 volunteers from both Bethany and the neighbourhood, meet for 2 hours on Tuesday mornings to pack a variety of snack foods from cereal, to pepperoni sticks and everything in between!  What we pack at Bethany is then supplemented with fresh fruit, yogourt tubes and otters similar fresh options to offer the kids a wide variety of choices.

1.  Kelly Gudas is the principal at Sudabby School and has expressed numerous times that Sudabby is appreciative of what we have done over the years and what we continue to do through our volunteers and money that we donate through our budgets to support this program.  ‘Bethany is one special place…with wonderful, special people,’ said Kelly just last week to us.

In fact our volunteers prepare twice as much food each week compared with any other group in the city that does the same thing for their neighbourhood School in the same amount of time, with half the number of volunteers!  Way to go Bethany!  🙂

Kelly told us that a number of the students who have attended our Breakfast Club here on site in recent years now act as student leaders, looking after the food in their classroom each day.  What a wonderful legacy; to know that children from our community who attended our Breakfast Club are now leading and serving their fellow students on site at Sudabby.

According to the principal, 430 students currently attend Sudabby Public School.  Because the food is now available on site Kelly Gudas told us that 350 kids access the food that is provided each day of the week.

And because we pack so much food, the work we’re doing goes on to other schools as well!  Fantastic!

Some have been asking, what are we doing now?  How are we serving our community?  Well, here is one way that you can be a part of our connection to the larger Waterloo Region community, and our local neighbourhood.

We are still running Breakfast Club!  It doesn’t look the same as it did in past years.  But we are still having an impact at Sudabby School, in our neighbourhood and the broader community.  You can still volunteer for our Breakfast Club Snack Prep Team today on Tuesday mornings.  Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday mornings.  Here at Bethany.  Packing snacks for children at our local public school.

~ Mark

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