Our Leadership at Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church
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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Bethany is in a season of transition and has an interim structure designed to help us move forward in ministry. Three senior leadership teams, each with a different focus, work together with staff in service to God at Bethany.


Our Board

Our Board is responsible for assisting the church to set vision while it also handles the legal and organizational affairs of the church. Our Board Chairman, Dave Fowler can be reached by sending an email to info@bethanyemc.ca


Our Transitional Leadership Team

The TLT is charged with carrying out the church’s vision through the development of ministries and programs. It is divided into 5 portfolios:

  • Worship & Welcome,
  • Outreach & Evangelism,
  • Living & Learning,
  • Facilities,
  • and Administration.

The TLT develops ways to coordinate the activities of the church through a consultative and cooperative framework. All other working teams and ministry groups relate to one of these portfolios.


Our Deacons

Our Deacons assist pastoral staff in care for the congregation by visiting, looking after special needs in lives, overseeing membership matters, organizing prayer, and preparing for our monthly celebration of the Lord’s Supper (Communion).